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Multidisciplinary Teams

Elder Abuse Task Forces (“EATFs”) are regional multidisciplinary groups that exist in many parts of Maine. An EATF is a community partnership that generally meets once a month to work towards the common goal of ending elder abuse and assisting abused older people. EATFs seek to educate the community about elder abuse, advocate for abused older people, and generate resources.  Members typically include domestic violence and sexual assault advocates, Legal Services for Maine Elders, law enforcement, Adult Protective Services, Area Agency on Aging, and others.

Triad is a national community policing initiative to meet the crime-safety needs of seniors.  Triad is not an acronym, rather it is a partnership of three:  law enforcement professionals, older people, and community groups. 

Triad has only two goals:

To reduce crimes against older people, and

To reduce the unwarranted fear of crime that older people often experience. 

To find a Triad in your area, contact your local Sheriff’s office.