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Elder abuse is a community problem with a community solution: Your involvement matters in the prevention of the devastating and life-threatening problem of elder abuse.

The Maine Council for Elder Abuse Prevention has created this website to provide you with information about the different types of abuse and how to get help.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is an important day for raising awareness about elder abuse prevention and intervention. In Maine, elder abuse awareness is particularly important due to our state’s rapidly aging population.

Every year, the Maine Council on Elder Abuse Prevention asks all elder abuse prevention and intervention advocates to get involved in raising awareness about elder abuse.


Maine Council on Elder Abuse Prevention 

2024 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Social Media Campaign 

Goal: For Council-affiliated organizations to share graphics via social media which encourage Mainers to take action for older adults this WEAAD.  

Platforms: Please post the prepared graphics on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter – whatever your agency uses.  

Messaging: We have developed shared graphics and please personalize for your audience.  

Hashtags: Alongside your messages, please use the hashtags #WEAAD #WEAAD2024 #ElderAbuse #ElderAbusePrevention  

Timing: WEAAD is Saturday, June 15th. Members should share one graphic in the week leading up to the campaign, one on the 15th, and one in the week following the campaign. 

2024 WEAAD 4
2024 WEAAD 3
2024 WEAAD 2
2024 WEAAD 1