Maine Gerontological Society (Dementia Care Strategies, Inc.)

Alzheimer’s and related dementia training and consulting. 

General Description of Services:
Training and coaching for professionals and family caregivers.  Special interest in working with family caregivers to understand and deal with the challenging behaviors that arise with dementia. 

Area Served: State of Maine

Elder Abuse Related Services:
Cognitive decline is associated with an increased risk of physical and verbal abuse by caregivers.
Burnout and depression can overwhelm caregivers leading them to act in ways they wouldn’t dream of otherwise. In many cases, stress and frustration may provoke unintentional violent feelings.  Dementia Care Strategies offers caregiver coaching to families to help them understand the disease and its impact on their family member as well as provide practical tips and strategies for dealing with the most challenging behavioral aspects of the disease.  Awareness, knowledge and skills can help decrease stress in caregivers and lessen the likelihood of abusive actions.  Coaching is available online, by phone or face-to-face.

Contact Person:
Kathryn Pears, MPPM


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