Maine Department of Corrections Office of Victim Services

The mission of the Department of Corrections is to reduce the likelihood that juvenile and adult offenders will re-offend, by providing practices, programs and services which are evidence-based and which hold the offenders accountable.

General Description of Services:

A toll-free number 1 (800) 968-6909 has been established by the Department of Corrections for victims of crimes. Information that can be accessed through this number includes:

  • Sentencing Information
  • Anticipated Date of Release
  • Place of Confinement
  • Restitution Status

The victim notification law applies to victims of murder or of a Class A, B, or C crimes, or of a Class D crime under chapters 9, 11, and 12. A victim who wishes to receive notification MUST file a request with the office of the prosecuting attorney. A victim's request is kept confidential. The victim will be notified PRIOR to work release, furlough, or release from confinement.

You can now submit your request for notification online.

Victim services can provide assistance in cases of harassment if a person in the custody or under the supervision of the Department of Corrections engages in any course of conduct with the intent to harass, torment or threaten another person. Please contact Victim Services at 1-800-968-6909.

Area Served: State of Maine

Elder Abuse Related Services: Same as Above

Contact Person:
Tessa Mosher, Director of Victim Services

Mary Lucia


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